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All About Bread


We understand bread to be a staple food, but in medieval Europe bread served another purpose too. Until the 15th century, bread was used a trencher...

Types of Bread

Bread is a staple food in most European countries, where as for others in Eastern Asia, the staple is rice. Most forms of bread are made with wheat...

Nutritional Info

Contrary to several reports, bread does in fact have substantial nutritional value...

Bread Recipes

86-Proof Chocolate Cake

Adapted from Maida Heatter’s Book of Chocolate Desserts This is a moist dark cake with bourbon and coffee. Make it in a Bundt cake pan...

Athenian Pizza

This delicious and popular pizza is ideal for nearly any occasion. Best of all, it's easy to prepare...

Honey Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread men are a favorite for the holidays. Of course, they can be enjoyed anytime of the year!

Bass back, cooked in juniper and almond

Bass back, cooked in juniper and almond Chef Lucille et Jacques Bon demonstrates how to cook bass in juniper and almond. Delicious!

Chicken Vegetable Soup

This hearty soup, cooked in a crock pot, will fill you up and warm you up on a cold day. Eat a bowl by itself for a quick lunch, or serve with a side salad...


Composition and chemistry

The amount of flour is the most significant measurement in a bread recipe, as it affects texture and crumb the most. Professional bakers use a system...

Baker percentage

The ingredients needed when baking bread is calculated with a ratio known as a ‘Baker’s percentage’. The mass of the flour is expressed as a percentage...

Baker's yeast

The technical term for ‘Baker’s Yeast’ is Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and is the name for the type of yeast used to leaven bread. This yeast agent produces...

Bread maker

Bread makers are particularly popular in domestic baking. Bread makers consist of a tin encased in an oven and usually have a timer. Recent models may also...

Bread pan

A bread pan is a bread-shaped tin that forms the shape of the bread while baking. Loaves are most commonly baked as it can be sliced and cut...

Sliced bread

Sliced bread was first sold in 1928. It was marketed as huge step forward in bread-making, which lead to the phrase ‘the greatest thing since sliced bread’.

Quick bread

Quick bread is made using chemical leaveners as opposed to leaveners such as yeast, and can be made quickly and efficiently as they do not rely...

Culinary uses


Breadcrumbs can be used as an addition to many meals, as a topping to increase crunch, in stuffing, or to add to the thickness of a meal. Breadcrumbs are grains...


Breading involves the addition of breadcrumbs and seasonings to foods such as meat, fish or vegetables as a coating, but can also apply to the topping of foods...


Croutons are often found in cubes and are essential made up of re-baked bread. Croutons can be added to salad to provide extra flavour and ‘crunch’...

Bread Bowl

In some countries it is common for the centre of a loaf of bread to be cut away and used as a bread bowl from which to serve thick sauce-based dishes such...


Stuffing is the edible mixture used to fill certain foods to add bulk or texture, and is most commonly used with poultry. Stuffing can be made to taste but...


Toast is essentially bread that has been exposed to intense direct heat, browning the bread in the process. This browning process is referred to as the ‘Maillard...

Melba toast

Melba toast is a serving of bread named after Dame Nellie Melba, (AKA Australian operatic singer, Helen Porter Mitchell). The texture of the toast is very...


Bread machine

Zojirushi Bbcec20ba Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker Bread Machine, Blac

Bread box

Brabanita 163463 Fall Front Bread Box Stainless

Bread slicer

Norpro 370 Bread Slicerand Guide with Crumb Catcher

Breads across different cultures

Bread is a staple food; a basic that is cheap and affordable and forms the basis of – or is an accompaniment to – many dishes from around the world.

Cultural and political importance of bread

Bread carries a great deal of importance beyond its nutritional value. In Christianity, bread carries a lot of religious meaning, both because...

Bread Video Recipes

Everyone can now become a baker in their own homes if they use any of the simple easy-to-follow recipes that even come accompanied with videos.

Bread Recipes

Here are some of the popular bread recipes however that will make you love this food all the more.

Bread Pictures

Are you interested in making bread ? Have a look at some of the greatest pictures you can find on bread baking.